Since Monty Don is a renowned TV presenter, his wife Sarah Don naturally becomes a celebrity wife. You may be familiar with Monty if you have watched the BBC series “Gardeners’ World.

As we discussed the TV presenter in one of our previous articles, let us get to know his better half in this article. However, if you have made your way to this article, you might also be looking to read about Monty’s wife, Sarah Don’s first husband.

So, as the title of the article gives you the idea that Sarah was married to someone else before getting married to Monty, let us give you a brief insight into her past married life.

So without further ado, let us quickly move on with the exclusive facts about her.

Monty Don is Married to His Wife, Sarah Don

Image of Monty Don with his wife, Sarah Don

Monty Don with his wife, Sarah Don

Well, of course, before getting to know Sarah, you should know that she became a celebrity wife because of her husband, Monty. Hence, her name and fame are accredited to her versatile husband, who has several accolades.

Monty is not just a BBC TV presenter but is also a writer and horticulturist. You may have watched his gardening programs such as “Big Dreams Small Spaces,” “Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens,” and “Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens.”

The TV broadcaster Monty met his wife, Sarah Erskine, while they both went to Cambridge University to pursue a graduate degree. While they began with just being friends, it slowly turned into a romantic relationship after they fell in love.

Hence, after dating each other for quite some years, the two read their wedding vows in 1983.

Sarah Don’s First Husband

Now, if you might be thinking that Monty is her first husband, you are mistaken. Sarah has a past that many of us are not aware of.

The 69-year-old celebrity wife was married to someone else before marrying Monty, whose identity has yet to be revealed. While many of the readers are concerned about whom her first husband was, sadly, we couldn’t dig down the information on that.

Nonetheless, it has been stated that Sarah’s first husband and Monty are related. The TV presenter said, “I’m directly related to my wife’s first husband. I didn’t discover that until I made the program. That’s quite extraordinary.”

The couple revealed that Sarah’s first husband was far away in Nepal back then and had no communication for three months, which became a plus point for their union.

Sarah Don’s Bio

Image of Monty Don's wife, Sarah Don

Monty Don’s wife, Sarah Don

Until now, in this article, we have been talking of Sarah just as a celebrity wife. But apart from being a famous person’s wife, she has also created an identity by herself.

Sarah is professionally known for being a writer and former jeweler. Born in February 1954, she is currently from Herefordshire, England. As for her ethnic group, she has white ethnicity and follows Christianity.

She and Monty started a jewelry business that sold custom jewelry and dealt with VIP customers like Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and Boy George.

Unfortunately, their business went bankrupt due to the stock market crash in the 1980s. So, they had to shut down their shop and settle their loans by selling their house.

So, for now, she is known as a professional author. She wrote a popular cookbook named “The Home Cook,” and co-authored her husband’s book named “Fork to Fork.”

Some of her famous books are

  1. the art of Shetland lace
  2. Traditional Embroidered Animals
  3. Border Patterns: Traditional Charted Designs for Needlework
  4. From the Garden to the Table: Growing, Cooking, and Eating Your Own Food.

During her free time, she also helps out Monty with gardening. Likewise, she has been known to have worked as a designer writer with Flux Media Limited. Also, she has remained a secretary at The Monty Project Limited.

Monty Don and Sarah Don’s Children

Image of Monty and Sarah Don with their kids

Monty and Sarah Don with their kids

Monty and Sarah have been tied in a marital relationship for over forty years now, so they have created a beautiful family of their own. They call themselves proud parents of their three adult children.

Although Monty is a passionate TV presenter who loves to work, he is also a family man by heart. They share two sons and a daughter. The eldest of all three is Adam, who is also a father to George and Daisy Rose.

Monty announced his granddaughter Daisy’s arrival in this world in May 2022 on Twitter. He wrote, “Daisy Rose, born today, a sister to George. A perfect way to end a beautiful May day.”

Their second child is Freya, the youngest in Tom, but little is known about them as they prefer to keep themselves out of the spotlight and haven’t even made appearances on their parents’ social media.

However, it is known that Adam has an architecture degree from the University of Manchester.

Quick Facts

Name Sarah Erskine Don
Age 69
Date of Birth  February 1954
Education Magdalene College (University of California)
Profession Author, Jeweler
Relationship Status Married
Husband Monty Don
Children 3


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