Recognized for his appearance on the BBC’s “Gardeners’ Question Time,” Matthew Biggs is a successful British gardener. Biggs’ talents extend beyond his gardening skills, as he is also a gifted writer.

His most famous book, “Matthew Biggs’s Complete Book of Vegetables,” is a must-read for any gardening enthusiast and has been translated into 5 different languages. Additionally, he also writes for magazines and maintains his blog, providing readers with excellent gardening knowledge.

Similarly, he also shares his horticulture knowledge on the small screen, having presented TV programs like “Garden Club” and even stepping behind the camera to direct an ITV show called “Grass Roots.”

Here, we’ve provided you with information on Matthew’s biography. In order to find out if the plant guru has a better half, keep reading.

BBC Radio 4’s Matthew Biggs Bio and Career

Image of Matthew Biggs as a skilled gardener

Biggs is a 63-year-old gardening expert who was born in 1960. He was raised around Leicester, where he studied until high school.

After that, he studied ONC Public Administration at Charles Keene College of Further Studies. With a passion for plants, Matthew studied Nursery and Ornamental at the Pershore College of Horticulture.

Likewise, in 1986, he earned his diploma in Horticulture from Royal Botanic Garden. At present, Biggs has more than 30 years of experience as a garden and horticulture specialist, with many books and articles to his name.

In addition, he is also active in the entertainment world by directing and appearing at different gardening shows. According to Biggs’s website, he is also a lecturer at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Oxford University Botanic Gardens, who directed the course of the Plants and Plantsmanship course at the English Gardening School.

Apart from his love for plants, the gardener is also devoted to God and has been a member of the Christadelphian Church.

Is Matthew Biggs Married? Wife

Mr. Biggs’ married life and wife details are off the record. Despite being a public figure and celebrated gardener, Mr. Biggs has managed to keep his personal life under wraps.

There are no traces of a wife or partner in his life, leading many to believe that he has chosen to remain single, dedicating his life to his true love – plants. But, just like a mystery, it could be possible that Mr. Biggs has a secret wedding tucked away in his private life.

In addition, we are also not sure if Matthew Biggs has any children other than his plant babies.

Biggs Net Worth

Image of Matthew Biggs as a professional gardener and author

Matthew Biggs as a professional gardener and author

According to Net Worth Post, Matthew Biggs’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. His gardening skills have been the primary source of his wealth, from writing various books and articles on gardening to sharing his expertise on television and radio, where he presents his ideas by directing and presenting TV shows like “Grass Roots.”

But his worth doesn’t stop there, as his work as a lecturer also greatly adds to his income. Hence, like his beautiful garden, Mr. Biggs’s career and wealth continue to flourish.

Quick Facts

Name Matthew Biggs
Age 63
Date of Birth 1960
Education Pershore College/ Royal Botanic Gardens
Profession Radio Presenter, Writer, Gardener/ Lecturer
Net Worth $1.5 million
Categories: Gardeners


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