A Gold Medal winner of the prestigious “RHS Chelsea Flower Show,” Jamie Durie is a renowned horticulturist, TV host, and landscape and furniture designer who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Find out details about Jamie Durie’s wife, Ameka Jane and their kids.

He rose to fame as the charming host of the popular lifestyle programs “The Outdoor Room” and “Backyard Blitz,” where he shared his wealth of knowledge and expertise with viewers.

Blessed with a creative mind, he is also an accomplished author, with 11 books to his name, including the critically acclaimed “Outdoor Kids,” “100 Gardens,” “Edible Garden Design,” and “Living Design.”

Jamie Durie Bio: Career Details

Image of Jamie Durie

Born in New South Wales on 3rd June 1970, Mr. Jamie is 52 years old. His mother was from Srilanka, and his father was from Australia.

After his parents separated, Jamie lived in Queensland with his mother, grandmother, and brother. It was his grandmother who taught Chris the basis of gardening and cooking.

Likewise, he is a high school dropout who went to Benowa State High School. After leaving his academic journey, the man learned furniture making and served as a part-time model.

Jamie’s furniture business is now renamed Durie Design; he turned his furniture business, Durie Design, into a thriving success, attracting numerous celebrity clients. But Jamie’s journey didn’t stop there. In his mid-20s, he returned to school and completed a 4-year horticulture and landscaping course.

Moreover, in 1998, Jamie started his landscaping business, Patio Landscape Architecture and Design, followed by JDP Media & Design.

Also, Jamie started his TV career as the host of “Backyard Blitz” in the early 2000s. His charming personality and expert knowledge quickly made him a household name, leading to multiple hosting gigs on popular shows like “The Outdoor,” “House Rules,” and “The Living Room.”

Is Jamie Durie Married? His wife and Kids

Image of Jamie Durie with his wife, Ameka Jane

Jamie Durie with his wife, Ameka Jane

The horticulturist is engaged to his partner, Ameka Jane, but they are yet to marry. Ameka is a model, singer, and songwriter.

According to Celebrity Nine, Jamie and Ameka met in 2019 in Los Angeles. The couple dated for over 2 years and got engaged in February 2021 after Jamie proposed to Amika in a romantic gesture.

He even shared cute pictures of their engagement on Instagram and wrote, “She said YES! Thrilled to announce our engagement.” In the post, he also thanks Ameka for turning his life upside down.

Additionally, after a few months of engagement, the couple welcomed their daughter Beau Durie in July 2021. While Jamie is overwhelmed with happiness upon Beau’s arrival, she is not his only child.

Jamie has a 27-year-old daughter, Taylor Durie. Taylor was born due to Jamie’s relationship with his first adult love, Michelle Glennock. Despite splitting, the couple is great friends who co-parented Taylor in harmony.

In addition to his recent fiance Ameka, Jamie was previously engaged to 3 more ladies; Teresa Livingstone, Siobhan Way, and Lisa Christie.

Jamie Durie’s Net Worth

Image of Jamie Durie as a Garden Designer and a TV personality

Jamie Durie as a Garden Designer and a TV personality

According to Idol Net Worth, Jamie Durie’s net worth is $20 million. The star host thanks his outstanding television career for being his primary income source.

But his massive fortune does not come from the television world only. His furniture design company, Durie Design, and his landscaping business, Patio Landscape Architecture and Design, have both been successful and lucrative ventures.

Likewise, his books on horticulture and landscaping have also contributed to his earnings and have provided readers with valuable knowledge and insights into the industry.

Quick Facts

Name Jamie Paul Durie
Age 52
Date of Birth 3rd June 1970
Education Benowa State High School
Profession Horticulturist, Furniture Designer, Landscape Designer, Author, and TV host
Relationship Status Engaged
Partner Ameka Jane
Children 2
Net Worth $20 million


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