Carol Klein is a garden expert who has earned the prestigious “Victoria Medal of Honour” for her exceptional contributions to the world of gardening. Know about Carol Klein’s disability and health problems.

Not only is she a renowned expert in the field, but she has also captured the hearts of television audiences as the host of famous gardening shows such as “Gardeners’ World,” “Grow Your Own Veg,” “Real Garden,” and “Life in a Cottage Garden.”

But her talents don’t stop there. Carol is also a respected voice in the literary world, sharing her knowledge and insights as a columnist for various publications such as “The Guardian,” “BBC Gardeners’ World,” and “Manchester Evening News.”

With her passion for gardening and ability to communicate her expertise in an engaging way, Carol Klein has truly made a name for herself as a leading figure in the gardening world.

Now, read until the end to discover more about the successful lady gardener Carol Klein including her husband Neil Klein and their kids.

Who is Carol Klein: Bio and Career

Image of Carol Klein as a professional gardener

Carol Klein, the beloved garden expert, was born 24th June 1945. She was raised in Walkden, Lancashire, by her loving parents. At the age of 15, Carol’s father forbade her from pursuing her passion for the arts and forced her to study biology instead.

Determined to follow her dreams, Carol left school and began working at a department store. But her passion for the arts never faded, and she eventually received training to become an art teacher and even worked as a lecturer.

Inspired by her mother and grandfather’s gardening skills, she started her nursery, Glebe Cottage Plants, and it was here that she polished her skill, making a name for herself in the gardening world.

Moreover, her extraordinary skills allowed her to become a household name, as she began appearing as a TV presenter on various gardening shows such as “Gardener’s World.”

Carol’s talent was also recognized by the Royal Horticulture Society, where she won a whopping six gold medals. But Carol’s talents don’t stop there.

Nonetheless, she is also an accomplished writer, contributing to magazines such as “BBC Gardeners’ World.” Carol Klein truly is a gardening goddess.

Carol Klein Disability, Health Problems, and Update

Carol Klein’s well-wishers frequently inquire about her health update. Some people may assume that she has grown older and is prone to health problems, but she is currently in good health.

However, she and her husband did fall ill with COVID-19 during the pandemic in 2020 and were bedridden for some time, but fortunately, they have both recovered and are in good condition.

Additionally, Carol Klein is known for being a humble and empathetic person, as she has previously stated that she would be willing to step down from her role as a TV host if it would make way for someone from a marginalized community or with a disability.

How Much is Carol Klein’s Net Worth?

Image of Carol Klein as a well-known gardener and an author

Carol Klein as a well-known gardener and an author

According to Net Worth Post, Carol’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

Her flourished career has opened up many income streams for her, including her role as a TV presenter, which has undoubtedly increased her net worth.

Additionally, Carol’s expertise as a writer has also been a major contributor to her financial success, as they have generated a significant amount of revenue.

Carol Klein’s Husband, Neil Klein, and Kids

Image of Carol Klein with her husband, Neil Klein

Carol Klein with her husband, Neil Klein

Klein’s husband is Neil Klein, and the pair have been blissfully married for over 4 decades. According to one of Carol’s Instagram posts, the pair initially met 51 years back in 1971 and dated for 7 long years before getting married in September 1978.

In the post, Carol wished her husband Neil Klein a happy 44th wedding anniversary and shared her love and appreciation for her husband and how grateful she is to have spent 51 years with him. The couple is blessed with 2 daughters, Annie and Alice Klein, and a proud grandmother.

Along with her beautiful garden, Carol has built a beautiful family, and it is clear that she finds joy in her personal and professional life.

Quick Facts

Name Carol Ann Klein
Age 77
Date of Birth 24th June, 1945
Education Bolton School
Profession Gardening Specialist, TV presenter and Magazine Columnist
Relationship Status Married
Husband Neil Klien
Children 2


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