Charlie Dimmock is an accomplished gardener and TV presenter who rose to fame from BBC’s gardening show, “Ground Force.” She not only possesses a rare talent for creating breathtaking gardens, but also has a way with words that have inspired plant and gardening enthusiasts everywhere. Read this to know Charlie Dimmock’s weight. Her net worth and house.

Her written works contain various tips and tricks for anyone looking to cultivate their own garden. Also, her influence on the gardening world is evident in the numerous flowers that bear her name, such as “Charlie Dimmock” and “Charlie’s Rose.”

How Old is Charlie Dimmock? Birthday

Image of Charlie Dimmock

Miss Dimmock is 56 years old at present. She was born in 1966, and her birthday is celebrated on 10 August.

She was raised in West Wellow, Hampshire, by her parents, Terry Dimmock (father) and Sue Dimmock (mother). Her father was merchant navy, while her mother had a clothing store.

Charlie Dimmock Weight

Image of Charlie Dimmock's before and after weight change

Charlie Dimmock’s before and after weight change

The celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock’s weight has raised concern among her fans. The public was shocked to see a massive change in their favourite host since she returned to the TV world after a decade.

Despite being used to seeing Dimmock in perfect shape, several of her followers stated they first mistook her for someone else due to her significant weight gain. While Charlie’s appearance changed over time, she faced much criticism.

However, some of her followers were nice enough to stand up for her, claiming that while she may have put on weight, her abilities and knowledge were unaffected. Between the love and hate commentators, there is a group of people who are concerned about her weight gain as a sign of health problems, but fortunately, her weight gain has nothing to do with her health.

In an interview, Charlie discussed her weight, but she didn’t appear to be bothered by the remarks. She claimed that although she has always had highs and lows, she would never be thin or slim. She also said that she has come to terms with her weight since life is too short to spend time worrying about.

Miss Dimmock’s Career

Image of Charlie Dimmock as a well-known experienced gardener and garden designer

Charlie Dimmock as a well-known experienced gardener and garden designer

Inspired by her grandfather’s gardening skills, Charlie began to enjoy taking care of plants from a young age. As she was fond of gardening, she took gardening lessons at junior school and worked at a nearby garden during her teens.

Dimmock further studied horticulture, graduated with a BTEC Diploma in Amenity Horticulture, and went to Cannington Horticulture College for future studies. Additionally, she also received training from Chelsea Physic Garden, paving a clear career path in the horticulture industry.

Soon after graduation in 1997, she got an opportunity to work in a Garden Makeover show called “Ground Force.” The show made her famous, and she appeared as a presenter on various other TV programs, including “The Joy of Gardening,” “River Walks,” and “The Great British Garden Revival.”

In addition, Charlie is also a great writer who wrote gardening books like, “Water Garden Workbook and Container Gardening” and “Enjoy Your Garden.”

Her Net Worth and House

Image of Charlie Dimmock as a well-known cast member of the gardening show called Garden Rescue

Charlie Dimmock as a well-known cast member of the gardening show called Garden

According to Wealthy Genius, Charlie Dimmock’s net worth is $9 million. Her expertise in the gardening field and successful career in the entertainment industry have propelled her to financial success.

From hosting popular shows on BBC, CBS, and ITV, to publishing multiple books, Dimmock has made a name for herself in both the gardening and media worlds. But it’s not just her career that’s impressive – her home is just as impressive.

As per the source, she resides in New Forest, near her childhood home. The house was renovated in 2009, and one of the major highlights was her £9,000 Aga oven that required a completed remodelling of her kitchen to fit.

Additionally, Charlie does not keep all her wealth to herself but often donates to charities supporting young people and those with cancer.

Quick Facts

Name Charlotte Elouise Dimmock
Age 56
Date of Birth 10 August 1966
Parents Terry Dimmock and Sue Dimmock
Education Cannington Horticultural College
Profession Gardening expert, Author, and TV presenter
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $9 million


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