Don Burke is the prestigious “Medal of the Order of Australia” (OAM) award-winning Australian horticulturist and TV star who has made a mark on the Australian entertainment and horticulture world.

He first earned recognition as the host of the wildly popular gardening and home improvement program “Burke’s Backyard” and then produced the famous gardening program “Backyard Blitz.”

Now, as the sensational man has totally disappeared from the limelight, the public is curious about his recent life. So, stay with us as we discuss his endeavours and what caused his fame to fade.

What Does Don Burke Do Now?

Image of Don Burke as a horticulturist

Born in Sydney as Donald William Burke on 16th July 1947, the 75 years old horticulture expert is called Don with love. The man has maintained a private life despite his popularity, revealing very few details about his life outside his career.

After completing his education at St Aloysius’ College, the man started working on his passion for plants and became a horticulturist. Likewise, after serving the gardening industry for many years, he joined the entertainment world and became a household name from the show “Burke’s Background.”

He and his wife also own CTC Productions, responsible for producing Don’s gardening shows. In addition to his contribution to the entertainment world, he was one of the board members of Landcare Australia and the chairman of the Australian Environment Foundations.

He is remarkable for his role as a conservationist and advisor for different environmental issues. Mr. Burke is also an exceptional writer who has shared his horticulture knowledge to write books on the topic. With numerous books to his name, the popular ones are “The Lazy Gardener,” “Table Talk,” “Kids’ Garden Adventure,” and “Herbs & Spices.”

Now speaking about his whereabouts, we are still determining what the former TV star is doing at the moment. Don’s social media presence is also null, making it hard for us to trace him.

Love Life: Does He Have A Wife?

Image of Don and Marea Burke

Don and Marea Burke

Burke has been married to his wife, Marea Burke, for more than 5 decades.They first met at university in their 20s, and it was love at first sight.

Soon, the couple married and have been inseparable ever since. In addition to being Don’s wife, Marea is also his business partner as the co-owner and CEO of their entertainment company, CTC Productions.

Despite the sexual assault controversies surrounding Don, Marea has stood by her husband, remaining faithful to the vows she made on their wedding day. In an interview with Current Affair in 2015, Marea spoke about how her husband took care of her during her battle with Arteriovenous Malformation and breast cancer and how it brought them even closer.

Moreover, Don and Marea have two sons, Chris and Sean Burke, and they all live happily together.

His Net Worth

Image of Don Burke as a professional horticulturist

Don Burke as a professional horticulturist

Mr. Burke’s Net Worth in 2023 still needs to be officially updated. Many online sources claim that the horticulturist has an asset worth $16 million, but Burke has yet to confirm.

However, in 2004, he was listed as one of the top 12 wealthiest Australians among 50, with a net worth of 7.2 million. This suggests that  Burke must have a significant financial growth in the last 20 years.

Also, it is not a secret that Don has a successful career as a respected horticulturist, TV host, producer, and author, all of which have likely contributed to his economic success.

Don Burke Controversy

The reputed horticulturist and TV star was subjected to sexual mistreatment controversy in 2017. The scandal started after Tracy Spicer, a journalist, began her investigation and proved that Don Burke was sexually harassing, assaulting, and bullying ladies during his TV career.

In December 2017, The Sydney Morning Herald published a list of individuals, including Burke’s co-workers, who had come forward to accuse him of harassment. Among them was actress Tottie Goldsmith, who said, “He is a narcissistic bully, and I am very relieved for the women who have finally been able to unburden themselves of their experiences.”

Don Burke initially denied the allegations, claiming that they were false and that some women accused him were part of a “witch hunt.”

But later, in an interview said his misbehaviours were due to his genetic condition, Asperger’s Syndrome.

Quick Facts

Name Donald William Burke (Don Burke)
Age 75
Date of Birth 16th July 1947
Education St Aloysius’ College
Profession TV Presenter, Producer, Horticulturist, and Author
Relationship Status Married
Wife Marea Burke
Children 2


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