Known as a Black Gardener, Danny Clarke is an outstanding horticulturist, television presenter, and entrepreneur who became popular as the host of the garden restoration show “Instant Gardener.” Meet Gardener Danny Clarke’s wife.

Danny’s passion for gardening and horticulture led him to change careers and follow his dreams. He’s an inspiration to many, proving that there is always time to chase after your passion and achieve success.

In addition to his work as a gardening expert and conservation advocate, Danny is also actively involved in various charity programs like Grow2Know.

Now, please read until the end to know all about Danny Clarke.

Who is Danny Clarke? Family and Career Details

Image of Danny Clarke as a professional gardener and Tv personality

Danny Clarke as a professional gardener and Tv personality

Danny Clarke is a 66 years old gardening expert born in Oxford in 1956 as Dannahue Clarke. His parents were Jamaican who immigrated to England for a better life.

Likewise, while Danny’s mother was a stay-at-home mom, his father served in the English army. In a 2018 interview, the gardener revealed that he and his sibling were born all over England as the family had to travel frequently due to his father’s military job.

But during the 70s, the family settled in Kent, and he and his 5 siblings (4 sisters and a brother) grew up there.

Unfortunately, Danny lost many family members between 2006-2010, including his only brother Roy due to a heart attack, followed by his father due to stomach cancer, then his sister Sandra to breast cancer, and finally his younger sister, Margot McLellan due to glioblastoma multiforme.

Now speaking of Danny Clarke’s career, he started his career as a salesman and worked in the same area until he was 40.

But soon after that, he felt the urge to change his career–leading him to follow his passion for playing with the mud and gardening.

Hence, he began his gardening career as a garden maintenance practitioner. Luckily, he found his first client, who was also his mentor, teaching him different gardening tips.

Slowly, Danny began to have many clients, and that is when he ultimately left his salesman job to opt for gardening as his full-time career.

To hone his expertise, he also studied a garden design course at Hadlow Horticultural College and began his gardening company, Black Gardener, in 1997. The unique name of his company made him remarkable, leading him to his first opportunity at the TV.

Hence, the horticulturist manages his company and hosts different gardening shows like “Love Your Garden,” “Tree of the Year,” and “RHS Chelsea.”

Danny Clarke’s Wife? Is He Married?

Yes, Danny Clarke is married. Danny Clarke, the humble gardener, may lead a seemingly simple life, but behind the scenes, he has a beautiful family.

Though he prefers to keep his personal life private, it is revealed that he is, in fact, a married man. His wife, who remains anonymous, is the mother of his beloved daughter, Ashley Clarke.

Ashley, now a grown woman, is happily married and has 2 daughters of her own, making Danny and his wife proud grandparents. Though not much is known about the details of Danny’s family life, one thing is sure:

Danny is an absolute family man who keeps his family off the limelight only to protect them from negativity.

Quick Facts

Name Dannahue “Danny” Clarke
Age 66
Date of Birth 1956
Education Hadlow Horticultural College
Profession Garden Designer, Horticulturist, Businessman and TV Presenter
Relationship Status Married
Partner Unknown
Children Daughter, Ashley Clarke


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