Chris Beardshaw is a UK-based landscape and garden designer who has earned many awards, including the “13 RHS Gold Medal” and “Kew Guild Award.

As the founder and creative director of Chris Beardshaw Ltd, he is a master of his craft, known for his ability to blend various architectural structures into stunning, natural environments.

But his talents don’t stop there; he is also a familiar voice on BBC Radio 4’s “Gardeners’ Question Time,” sharing his gardening knowledge with millions of listeners.

Likewise, he has also left his mark on the literary world with his books like “100 Plants that Almost changed the World,” The Natural Garder,” “The Secret Life of the Garden,” and “British Gardens in Time.”

Apart from his knowledge in gardening and designing, he is also a famous speaker who hosts lectures and garden talks in the UK and on international platforms.

Please continue reading to know more about the multitalented Chris’s personal life, including the details of his illness.

Who is Chris Beardshaw? His Bio And Career

Image of Chris Beardshaw as a professional gardener

Chris Beardshaw as a professional gardener

Mr. Beardshaw is a 54 years old famous garden designer born on 11th January 1969. He was raised in West Worcestershire, where he lived in an old cottage-style house that his father renovated.

Their home also consisted of historic gardens and orchards that always had bright flowers with the melodious chirping of the birds. Growing up in such an environment piqued Chris’s interest in planting and decorating outdoor spaces.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated in 1994 with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Gloucestershire and received Horticulture training from WCG in 1991. In addition, he has an honors degree from Liverpool University.

Furthermore, he started his broadcasting career in 1997 by making an appearance in the BBC2 television series, “Gardeners’ World,” “Hidden Gardens,” and “The Flying Gardener, “among many others. He also faces a live audience of garden lovers on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time.

The talented landscape designer also started his garden and landscape designing business, Chris Beardshaw Ltd, in 2001.

Additionally, he also represents the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and is the RHS  Ambassador for Communities.

Chris Beardshaw Wife: He is Married to Frances Beardshaw

Image of Chris Beardshaw with his wife, Frances Toase Beardshaw, and their daughter

Chris Beardshaw with his wife, Frances Toase Beardshaw, and their daughter

Beardshaw is blissfully married to his wife, Frances Toase Beardshaw. Though the pair’s wedding date is unknown, according to one of Chris’s Facebook posts, they have been together for more than 2 decades.

Like many married couples, we assume that Chris and Frances also dated for some time before getting married. Frances is a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and has a background in the health food industry, including being a part of the launch of Dream Rice, the first alternative to dairy milk.

Currently, she supports her husband in his business as the manager of Chris Beardshaw Ltd. According to Chris, his wife has been the person behind his back who handles tasks such as producing and managing projects and arranging his talks and public engagements.

Hence, we can say that Frances does everything except the planting and designing part at Cotswolds National Landscape.

Does Chris Have Kids?

Image of Chris and Frances Toase Beardshaw with their daughters

Chris and Frances Toase Beardshaw with their daughters

Yes, Chris has 3 kids, all daughters. The garden designer has created beautiful garden spaces and nurtured a beautiful family with his wife.

With his wife by his side, they have raised three lovely daughters. Though the names of his daughters are kept private, it’s clear that they are a close-knit family, with the eldest being 22, the middle child at 15, and the youngest at 13.

But that’s not all; Chris also shares his home with two lovely female cats and a playful female dog, making for a total of 7 girls under one roof.

Chris Beardshaw Illness and Health Update: What Happened

Beardshaw, the garden designer, has suffered from a long-term autoimmune illness called Rheumatoid Arthritis. He was diagnosed with the condition at just 13 years of age when his big toe got swollen after playing football.

The illness progressed to the point where he could barely walk, and doctors even warned him that he might end up in a wheelchair by the time he turned 20. But Beardshaw refused to let his joint pain control him.

He began researching alternative ways to manage the illness and discovered that avoiding certain foods such as tomatoes, citruses, and red meat could help minimize his suffering. Additionally, he started wearing thick socks to cushion his joints and exercised to reduce stiffness.

He even switched from running to cycling to minimize the strain on his feet. At present, Beardshaw mostly avoids traditional drugs and instead uses remedies such as comfrey cream, devil’s claw, and arnica to relieve inflammation and pain.

Despite the ongoing pain, he has learned to live with his condition and continues to create beautiful gardens.

He truly is an inspiration, showing that one can overcome even the most challenging obstacles with determination and a positive attitude.

Quick Facts

Name Christopher Paul Beardshaw (Chris Beardshaw)
Age 54
Date of Birth 11th January 1969
Education Liverpool University and the University of Gloucestershire.
Profession Landscape and Garden Designer/ Author/ Speaker/ TV Personality
Relationship Status Married
Wife Frances Toase Beardshaw
Children 3


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