Inspired by her grandfather, Charlie Dimmock,56, started gardening at a young. She is now well known for her outstanding gardening abilities, and many of her supporters also refer to her as the “green-thumbed queen.” This article explains if Charlie Dimmock is married to her husband. Details about her kids.

Miss Dimmock rose to fame and amassed millions of fans after appearing on BBC’s gardening program, “Ground Force.” Her expertise in horticulture is well-admired, as some flowers like Charlie’s Rose and Dahlia ‘Charlie Dimmock’ are named behind her.

Nonetheless, Dimmock is also an exceptional writer with numerous books to her name, including “Enjoy Your Garden,” “Ground Force Container,” and “Water Garden Workbook.”

Her written works are a treasure of tips and tricks for anyone looking to cultivate their own little garden.

There is more to Charlie Dimmock’s life than just gardening. So, keep reading to learn more about her personal and love life!

Charlie Dimmock Love Life: Is She Married?

Image of Charlie Dimmock as a contented and single TV personality

Charlie Dimmock as a contented and single TV personality.

Dimmock’s love life could not flourish like her career. Initially, she was in a romantic relationship with John Mushet, a viticulturist.

The pair first met while Charlie was visiting New Zealand. After remaining friends for some time, they instantly fell in love and began dating in 1988.

Since then, the pair remained on a romantic love journey for more than a decade. According to Mirror, the couple broke up after 13 years of relationship.

The reason behind their split was revealed to be due to Charlie’s fling with Andy Simmons, the microphone operator guy from her show, “Ground Force.” After Andy, she dated Barry Smith, the sound technician from the show.

However, their relationship also lasted only a short time. Moreover, in an interview, the gardening expert revealed that though it was tough for her to get over her long-term relationship with John, she does not regret her fling with Andy.

Miss Dimmock also stated a few years ago that she had no desire to get married. Interestingly, the independent woman in her mid-50s added, “Even sharing a house with someone would be a no for me.”

She further claimed herself selfish and talked about how she likes her own company and does what she wants. To many people’s surprise, Charlie said she is content with her life without a man.

Does Charlie Dimmock Have Children?

No, Miss Charlie Dimmock does not have any children. However, she lives in a lavish house in New Forest, Hampshire, along with her pet horse.

Likewise, Miss Charlie Dimmock may not have any children of her own, but she has dedicated her life to nurturing and supporting those in need.

Though she hasn’t had the opportunity to give birth and raise her children, her love for them is evident in her charitable efforts.

Charlie is a dedicated supporter of Dreamflight, a charity organization that provides severely ill children with the “holiday of a lifetime” in Florida, United States.

Quick Facts

Name Charlotte Elouise Dimmock
Age 56
Date of Birth 10 August 1966
Parents Terry Dimmock and Sue Dimmock
Education Cannington Horticultural College
Profession Gardening expert, Author, and TV presenter
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $9 million


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