Recognized as the “Ambassador of Garden Organic,” Bob Flowerdew is a highly successful organic gardener, writer, and presenter. His expertise in the field has led him to become the host of popular TV shows like “All Muck and Magic,” and “Grow Your Own Greens.”

But Bob’s talents don’t stop there; he is also a published author, having written many novels. Some of his most famous works include “Grow Your Own, Eat Your Own,” “The No-Work Garden,” and “Bob Flowerdew’s Complete Fruit Book.”

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Bob Flowerdew is a true gardening guru. Now, remain with us to know more about the skilled gardener Bob Flowerdew’s bio.

‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ Bob Flowerdew Age and Biography

Image of Bob Flowerdew

70 years old gardener, Bob Flowerdew, was born in Norfolk in 1953. Raised by farmer parents, his family has been farming in the area since Tudor times.

According to his website, Bob had a love for gardening from a young age and would often help his parents on the farm as a child. Despite his love for gardening, Bob kept it as a hobby and studied engineering with aspirations of making a career in the aeronautical sector.

He even held aircraft and glider licenses. However, his plans took a different turn when he graduated with honours in finance, management, and cost accountancy, but he soon realized that the industry was not for him.

Moreover, Bob began travelling, and it was during this time that he rediscovered his passion and interest in farming and gardening. His career as a gardener began to flourish when he got the opportunity to serve as a private gardener for a family.

He sharpened his skills and began lecturing and writing books about gardening. Bob’s reputation as a gardening expert grew, and he became the chairman of The Norfolk Group of the Soil Association & Henry Doubleday Research Association.

Soon, he also became a regular panellist on BBC 2’s “Gardener’s Question Time” and presented multiple TV shows. Bob’s journey from a farmer’s son to a gardening sensation is a testament to the power of following one’s passion.

Bob Flowerdew Wife Vonetta Flowerdew and Children

Image of Bob Flowerdew with his wife, Vonetta Flowerdew

Bob Flowerdew with his wife, Vonetta Flowerdew

Mr. Flowerdew is happily married to his wife, Vonetta Flowerdew, who is Jamaican. As per the details by Washington Post, Bob and Vonetta married in the mid-2000s (between 2000-2006).

As Bob recounts, it was love at first sight when he laid his eyes on Vonetta in their first meeting. While Bob is recognized for his long braid, it was Vonetta who first braided Bob’s hair, and he has kept the same hairstyle ever since as a tribute to the woman who stole his heart.

The couple has been married for about 2 decades, and he resides in Dickleburgh, Norfolk, with his beautiful family. Regarding children, Bob and Vonetta have twins: daughter Italia Flowerdew and son Malachi Flowerdew. They are teenagers now.

Quick Facts

Name Bob Flowerdew
Age 70
Date of Birth 1953
Profession Gardener, Radio and TV Presenter, Writer
Relationship Status Married
Wife Vonetta Flowerdew
Children 2 (twins)


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